Paynor PR is proud to serve the public relations and marketing needs of leaders in the hospitality and travel industry.

We can help launch a newcomer onto the scene, or work with a more mature establishment to boost the bottom line — whatever your company’s size or goals, we’ll work in close collaboration with you to build both reputation and revenue. Whether you’re hosting a grand opening, launching a social media campaign or just looking to stay in the public eye, we can get you the attention you need.

Paynor PR is working with organizations, such as Four Seasons Hotel Seattle and Passports with Purpose, to increase their visibility and generate buzz. Other clients and past agency and in-house experience includes:

  • Four Seasons Hotel Seattle: Luxury hotel located steps from Pike Place Market and Seattle Art Museum, featuring ART Restaurant and The Spa at Four Seasons
  • Passports with Purpose: The travel bloggers annual online fundraiser with the goal to use the power of travel to make positive change
  • The Fairmont Olympic Hotel Seattle: A historic luxury property in downtown Seattle with two iconic restaurants, The Georgian and Shuckers
  • Seattle Hotel Association: Comprising of 58 member Seattle-area hotels promoting the economic well-being of the hospitality industry
  • Hermosa Inn: Luxury boutique resort in Scottsdale, Arizona located on the former home of the state’s famous painter cowboy
  • The Allison Inn and JORY Restaurant: Oregon Wine Country’s luxury resort and restaurant
  • The Peninsula Hotels: Luxury boutique properties in Asia and U.S.
  • Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain: Boutique resort, Spa and elements restaurant in Paradise Valley, Arizona
  • Timbers Resorts: A portfolio of luxury properties around the world
  • Pebble Beach Resorts: The Lodge at Pebble Beach, The Inn at Spanish Bay, Casa Palmero
  • La Quinta Resort & Club: The original Hollywood hideaway at the foot of the Santa Rosa Mountains in Palm Springs
  • Celebrity Cruises: Modern luxury cruise line

The more we get to know you and your brand, the more able we’ll be to craft attention-grabbing, compelling copy and materials to reach the audience you want. Current events and seasonal relevance will play into each strategy, as well as your company’s short-term and long-term goals. We’ll capture your particular voice and tailor information for each media outlet we approach, increasing the chances of getting noticed and making sure what the public sees is what you want to put out there. We’ll stay tuned in throughout the campaign, with both your changing needs and the media’s current pulse, to make the best match and keep you newsworthy.

Consumer Lifestyle

From appetite-whetting restaurants to health-conscious nonprofits, we love working with our consumer lifestyle industry clients. We will gladly be your brand advocate – crafting an effective, tailor-made campaign that will reach your audience.

We’re personally invested in your success, and will do whatever it takes to get your story out there, achieving smart, meaningful press and generating real stories in all the right circles.

We’ll achieve that by scrutinizing the competition, helping you recognize your own strengths and address your weaknesses, and getting you out in front of the folks who can get you where you want to go.

It’s what we do best.

Just ask some of our current and past clients, like SIP Northwest and ART Restaurant. We’re proud to call them partners and friends.

  • SIP Northwest: Lifestyle magazine highlighting the best wines, brews and spirits in the Pacific Northwest
  • 1300 on Fillmore: Modern soulful American restaurant in San Francisco’s Fillmore District
  • Meet, Plan, Go! Seattle: Career break movement across the U.S.
  •  Puget Sound Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure: Marketing and Communications Chair for the 2009 Race for the Cure


Media Relations

At Paynor PR, we know media. We know how to make connections. We understand the importance of up-front research to achieve end results. We know to start with a compelling story and work from there.

We know how to engage the right contacts with the right approach.

You can’t hit a bull’s-eye without a target in sight

Forget mass mailings to a disinterested, apathetic crowd. We won’t waste your message on the wrong people. We’ll identify the contacts most suited to your particular message, then tailor-make relevant pitches to get their attention. Unique delivery and compelling copy will then drive your story to the top of the heap.

More than just a one-way road

We’ll help you establish long-term, two-way relationships with meaningful contacts in print, broadcast and online media and beyond.

Our lists of relationships is diverse and far-reaching, including some of the best editors, freelancers and bloggers in key markets for the hospitality and lifestyle industries.

Winning results

In an ever-changing world, we’ll help you define your story and messages. We’ll then help you use that message to achieve targeted media coverage, develop press kits that resonate, organize media tours in key markets, and monitor a growing list of awards and recognitions.

Then we’ll watch proudly as your business moves up the industry ladder – and help you take the next step when it’s time.

Strategic Marketing Communications

 Effective marketing communications can help you:

  • Grow your business
  • Attract new clientele
  • Strengthen customer loyalty
  • Enhance your reputation
  • Bolster revenues
  • Generate buzz

At Paynor PR, we can help you develop new communications strategies, or refine existing ones, to best promote your brand’s recognition and positioning within your industry. We’ll hit multiple platforms with a relevant, hard-hitting message, and get it out to the people who need to hear it.

Strategic thinking

We’ll look at what you’ve got and help you decide whether you’re on the right track. If you are, we’ll help you craft a strategy to move on to the next level. If you aren’t, we’ll help you start over with something that works.

Evolving tactics, technologies and tools

Strategic marketing is always changing in today’s fast-paced world, but the goal is constant: get reach your customers with the right message, in the right way, at the right time. At Paynor PR, we know all the tools and can help you choose the right ones to suit your particular needs and achieve your specific goals.

Consistent messaging, across the board

Once we’ve established your brand identity and goals, we’ll start integrating these into your marketing communications in ways that your audience will connect with and understand. More than anything, you need your consumer base to understand who you are and why you’re the best at what you do – we’ll help you create that message and work with your existing partners to make sure your communications are consistent across the board.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has changed the PR/marketing landscape — we all know that. But at Paynor PR, we also know how to navigate this new environment, staying ahead of technology and online trends and finding proactive, creative ways to convey your message in a digital world. Let us help you get a leg up.

Get moving

In the online space, fast-paced change is the norm. Standing still means losing ground. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Flickr, Pinterest and countless others are giving brands and advertisers new ways to connect with an existing and potential client base. These sites offer a direct line to the people who matter most – your customers. We’ll help you leverage these social media channels to reach consumers, bloggers and the media on a more personal level.

More than just the basics

A comprehensive social media strategy is about more than just Twitter and Facebook. It’s also about keywords, search engines, blog posts, web analytics, viral messaging and much more. We’ll help you understand the different components involved, and work with you to integrate the right ones into your social media tactics.

Your online reputation is at stake

At Paynor PR we understand the value of your online reputation. We’ll help you stay up-to-date on what others are saying about you, and manage the dialogue as much as possible. We will help you develop social media profiles that speak to your audience, and keep them filled with dynamic content that will engage followers.

The benefits of a well-run social media campaign are far-reaching and long-lasting. If it’s done right, you’ll establish a meaningful dialogue with your market, transition prospects into actual customers, and develop a loyal consumer base that will reap major long-term rewards for your business.

We’ll help you do this right.